In Praise of Eventide

When Jonah Brown hires Anu Nadim to oversee the construction of his home he is at first curious about her mysterious past. Why is she alone on the island of Abaco, and what happened to make her so wary? He should not pry - he is no longer a detective, having put down his gun and badge and walked away. But his investigative skills swing into full gear when a drug run goes sour - and Anu seems to know more than she should. Passion ignites suddenly between the two of them in the midst of a vicious hurricane, and when their lives are threatened by her past he realizes he has to make a choice - figure her out, or walk away once again.


Read an excerpt from Eventide.

Eventide is now available for download on your  Kindle, on your iPod, iPhone, other mobile devices and on your computer.

Tamara Ali